A Letter to My 7 Year Old Self

Things are different than you though they would be. Turns out it takes a little longer to get started than a 7 year old could have comprehended.

Around this time your obsession was Outer Space and the dream job was a scientist. Until Mrs. Farrell (our 1st grade teacher) asked what you wanted to grow up to be. You told her. Scientist. Her response was “hmm… scientist… that’s a hard job. Scientists work very hard. A lot of times they work through lunch.”

That was the end of wanting to be a scientist. You liked lunch. Priorities.

Many things are still the same. We still like lunch. Albeit too much, but that’s OK. We still live in the same house. We still don’t have a dog, but that’s also mildly OK because we also don’t have enough time for a dog.

Things got tough for while in the teenage years but you’ll come out on the other side with some war stories and an appreciation for clarity, but also a low tolerance for bullshit and pretense.

You’ll learn many wonderful things and many not so wonderful things as you grow. Things like how to swear like a sailor, how to search your mind for secrets even you didn’t know you had and how live with almost unbearable pain.

That’s another thing you’ll experience. Pain. Lots of it. But always you’ll come out on the other side stronger and able to appreciate all in this world. Pain has a funny way of making you look at the world through a filter that allows you zone in on all the important aspects. This is a good thing. Its uncomfortable and it takes your breath away but it makes you grateful for little things like walking and grocery shopping.

In 10 years you will be all of 17 and in the thick of thinking this life is terrible and emotionally numbing.

Stick it out.

You’ll meet some really great people.

That stormy path was there so that you would know what to do in the sunshine. And trust me you will make it out of the storm.

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