Conversation at Starbucks

I’m on my way to a doctor’s appointment in town more affluent than mine. There are two gentlemen two tables over dressed in dress clothes, designer shoes shined to mirror shine and pants but I wonder slightly. One of them is wearing Costco socks in his designer shoes. The other is wearing a cheap windbreaker over his neatly dry cleaned shirt. They they are deep in conversation with each. I cant make out the words but the man wearing the windbreaker looks like he is holding back tears. The other is very serious but composed. Words like heroin and manufacturing and police make their way to my ears.

Evidently they must be regulars here. A woman in running stops at their table and hugs both men before sensing the emotion in the air, she excuses herself and continues on to the register. Another person that looks like the spokesperson for Patagonia stops and begins to talk to the two men. He also senses the emotion in the air but appears to know the situation at hand and asks for an update. Both men exchange glances and take a minute to respond. This is difficult for both of them. The update is given in a horse whisper, while the men inspect their fingernails not able to make eye contact.

‘Patagonia spokesman’ is uncomfortable with the display of  emotion at the forefront of this very human interaction. He claps both men on the back and gives them each gazes that say “I dont know what to say but I’m sorry”

Be kind always. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

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